By Lisa Haven 

I warned you it was coming and now it’s here! Google is deceiving millions, please don’t fall for their lies. In the video below, I prove that Google (not Youtube) has removed multiple Christian and Conservative YouTube channels from their feed. If you were to plug in my name, “Lisa Haven Youtube'” on Google’s search engine then you will find that a direct link to my Youtube channel is no longer there. In its place are countless other channels who link to my YouTube channel. Considering I’m the biggest channel under that name, I should appear first, instead, they’re NO direct links to my channel. This will allow Google in seconds to turn everything off and meanwhile lead people to believe I’m still there. A blatant lie. These are the kind of games they play. To make you think I’m there when in reality I’ve been whipped. If you search non-conservative Christian channels you will clearly see their channel linked at the top and when you click it it’s their direct page, not someone else linking to their channel as being done with mine. All that and more below… 


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