By Lisa Haven

As we begin to turn another page of time and head into the 2022 New Year, many can’t help but wonder what it might harbor for those in its grasp. Everything from economic meltdown to more COVID variants have been thrown out, but if truth be told no one can predict with 100% certainty exactly what the New Year holds, however, we can look ahead to what the globalists are declaring and what the biblical signs reveal and gain some insights as to what may be on the horizon. (#11 was just shared with the Restricted Republic audience). 

NOTE- If you are continuing to watch from Youtube and just watch to catch #11, scroll to the 16 minute mark. 

Here are my eleven predictions for 2022

1- Red Wave Republicans will take house and Senate 

2- Conservatives will make headway against CRT in the schools. 

3- More crime in Democrat states & People will take notice! 

4- Economic Crisis- Inflation will get worse, shipping crisis will continue, shelves will not be fully stocked, stock market will take hits. Economic crash very possible. 

5- More fear porn over Omicron, a new strain will arise, and eventually they will declare an endemic, but only for hopes of Dems taking 2022 Election, & improving Biden’s ratings.  

6- Vaccine & Mask mandates in cities will continue to rise. More cities will follow suite. Protests against them will also increase. Masks will be forced the entire year on all flights. 

7- Censorship will continue for Trump supporters, it will worsen by the end of the year. When we have our Red Wave, liberals will explode and threaten companies to censors us more. In backlash, more conservatives will move to alternative sites.   

8- War tensions with Russia and China will increase. Possible war with Russia and/or China.  

9- Mass Illegal Invasions at our border will continue, with the support of democrats, but only ‘hidden support’. 

10- BLM & Antifa will be increase protesting around election time. 

11- More deaths. Deaths due to stress, vaccine injuries. Covid. 

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