By Lisa Haven

Has the Countdown to Destruction began? And what I mean by ‘destruction’ is the complete desecration our our Democracy as we know it. The Biden administration doesn’t care about freedom, they attack their political opposition and they openly defy our constitution. His entire presidency has been about defeating our Republic and dividing the US. 

Here are the 21 Ways In Which He has Destroyed the US Within the last year: 

1- Inflation 40 year high 

2- Our food, our cars, our homes, all skyrocketing prices, while wage increases are not keeping up 

3- Food in our grocery stores are in short supply, microchips in short supply, we have shortages on pretty much everything!   

4- We have One of the biggest Shipping Crisis ever,

5- Millions of our businesses are short staffed.

6- Our gas and energy prices have skyrocketed! (Biden is purposefully not attempting to fix it) 

7- BIDEN Is sacrificing AMERICA FOR HIS Climate Agenda! 

Thats Just the economy. 

How about the Pandemic: 

8- Biden Forced millions of people to be vaccinated against their will. 

9- He forced people to close their businesses for months

10- He forced people to wear masks 

11- He treated our constitution like toilet paper and claimed wanting freedom was somehow bad. 

12- He had the FBI put out bulletins saying that if you are anti-mandates, then you are a potential terrorist. (There was about 3 total) AND created an entire new Terroist Watch department that targets the right. 

13- He called anyone standing against his mandates ‘Insurrectionists’ 

How about our military?  

14- He forced military personnel out for not wanting the vaccine 

15- He forced military personnel out for being Trump supporters & did an entire sweep of the US military, for political dissent. 

16- He implicated woke policies. 

17- He downrated our nuclear arsenal. (THE US has not built a new nuclear warhead since the end of the COLD war, we not longer have the infrastructure to create these weapons, and the average age of these warheads are 25years) 

How about internationally? 

18- Biden’s horrendous withdraw from Afghanistan. He left American citizens behind, military behind, and Afghanistan who aided Americans behind. 

19- He left $84 Billion in US Military equipment to the Taliban Terrorists!

20- A war between Russia and Ukraine ignited under Biden, and now thee is even talk of this breaking out into a world war.

How about the border? 

21- Millions have crossed into America, more than ever before and now we have a crisis on our border. 

These mounting disasters are not just a coincidence — they are a direct consequence of individuals who believe satanic misguided ideologies and who embrace the globalists New World Order. 

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