By Lisa Haven

Major news coming out of the West Coast as a 23 year drought continues to haunt the area and fears of Hoover Dam’s Lake Mead drying up are becoming as real as California’s water rationing problem.

For years California has been faced with record-breaking drought conditions that have sparked law enforcement officers to crack down on so-called water “abusers” who use “too much water.” Not only that but now there are rodents desperately searching for water from animal bowls, troughs, and bird baths because of the servility of the drought. These reports of massive rodent infestations are throwing up all kinds of red flags for those living in the area.

But that’s not all!! Now there are reports that Lake Mead/Hoover Dam is drying up, which could ignite water wars and rationing in Nevada, Arizona and California. All that and more in this report…

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