By Lisa Haven

Once Common Core was implemented into the public school system all education went to the crapper. Common Core has changed our public classrooms into NWO training centers and they are teaching our children everything from explicit content, to masturbation, to how to have sex, to sexual questions, to the gay agenda, to pornography, to communism, to God only knows what else! All I can say is that I am sick on tired of them doing whatever they want with our children behind our backs! To make matters worse we now have schools implementing a liberal political agenda, specifically Critical Race (CRT). With the two of these combined are kids are sadly being indoctrinated as an explosive level! It’s time to wake up the world! So it todays report I interview award winning and best selling author, Chad Steward, who’s entire focus is on getting our kids back on the right track. Please don’t miss this bombshell exclusive interview…. 

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