By Lisa Haven

Do you ever get sick and tired of feeling sick and having a lack of energy? If you are like 90% of adults in America, then chances are that’s you. But do you ever wonder why that is? Why almost everyone around you has something wrong with their body and is constantly downing pharmaceuticals?

If truth be told, it’s ALL by design. The globalists ruling this country from behind the scenes are engaging in chemical warfare against us. From chemtrails polluting the air we breath, to radiation leaks, to GMO’s, to fluoride in the water; the ultimate agenda is depopulation and the dumbing down of the masses via pharmaceuticals.

Have you had enough? Then now is the time to do something. In the video below I interview C60EVO CEO Patty Greer and leading Scientists Chris Burres. In it we discuss the globalists agenda as well as an option to combat their daily attacks against your health…

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