Imagine with me for a moment that you were on your way home from picking up your child and while driving home you notice police lights in your rear view mirror. You have been pulled over.

As you nervously wait on the side of the road the officer seizes this opportunity to size you up based on your “threat rating.”

As he enters your plate number into his laptop the application scans billions of your records in his database including all your social media activity, recent purchases, and any comment that has been deemed “offensive.” The application then determines your threat rating and labels you green, yellow, or red.

As the officer scans through the information he notices that you are an informed reader who has voiced your opinion about police misconduct once or twice in the past. He also notices that you are a member of the NRA and support the Second Amendment. He then scans further to see a comment you left on facebook about police misconduct who just so happens to be a police officer he knows….Your rating has just came back Red!

You have never committed a crime, never been violent, and never had any infractions against you. But this officer has labeled you red based off of your facebook and social media post.

At this point the officer pulls out his Smith and Wesson and aims it at your car for the minor offense of going 9 miles over the speed limit. Yelling at you to put your hands in the air all while your 5 year old is screaming in agony in the back seat.

The truth is anything can happen with a rating system like that and now thanks to a product by Intrado called Beware, these situations can happen at any given moment….



NOTE: If you want to get off of social media monitoring then join It is out of a server in Iceland and the information is not shared with the police or government…  

I get no benefit for you joining, I simple share this because I’m sick and tired of the NSA, government, and local PD having access to our information!! It’s about time we take back our privacy!


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