By: Lisa Haven
At the 2015 BET Honors various celebrities including: Usher Raymond, Kanye West, Mary J. Blige, and Phylicia Rashad were caught casting their shadows upside down?!!  This mystery has put the internet world into a ‘tissy.’ Everything from conspiracy websites to chat rooms are lighting up with talk on this mysterious phenomenon.  All sorts of theories have been put out in the open. Everything from demon possession, to props, to lighting have been placed on the table. But what is really going on? We’ll I just may have the answer…

Pictures from the 2015 BET Honors: 


Image below from 2014 BET Honors: 



Here is the Video of Kanye West and his upside down shadow moving together (Please excuse the language and watch the first 30 seconds):

NOTE- I do NOT agree with the YouTubers reasoning on why Kanye’s shadow was flipped. I’m simply showing you the video so you know that their is video footage of the shadow… My answer is in the video above and written below….  


So What’s the Reason Behind the Shadows being Upside Down? 

The answer is optics of convex reflection. The audience is seeing the convex reflection of the shadow, which can be reproduced in your own home using the convex side of a large enough spoon and a good light source.  Problem Solved!

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