By Lisa Haven

Radiation hot spots have popped up periodically all across the West coast. Concerned citizens have taken it upon themselves to purchase Geiger counters to take daily readings. The media continues to turn a blind eye to Fukushima leaving the average Joe in the dark.

They lied about Chernobyl and they are lying about Fukushima! Wildlife and sea life continue to experience massive die-offs. There have been reports of mutated marine life, melting starfish, bird deaths, and now sea lions are dying because the crayfish and sardines are MIA!

“California sea lions (Zalophus californianus) are considered a sentinel species, meaning they’re seen as indicators of ocean health. Generally, if sea lions are suffering, something is wrong offshore. In this case, scientists still don’t really know what that something is.” National Geographic

I URGE you with everything in me to watch the video below in its entirety. In it Scientists are finally revealing the truth of how bad it really is and exposing the fact that major changes have hit our oceans…

What can you do in the meantime about being Radiated?

The most extreme precaution would be to move to the southern hemisphere, but that’s farfetched and probably not likely for a majority of the public and chances are radiation will eventually make its way their also.

Probably the worse area for ‘fallout’ is the West Coast: California, Alaska, and Hawaii. Past reading from Geiger counters have shown outrageous radiation level readings in some coastal areas; which can eventually cause cancer, tumors, problems with the thyroid and even death to those repeatedly exposed, as we are seeing with animals in the coastal cities. The bad part is a majority of the food is grown in the west, which is also bad news for the east side of the US. If you live in the east, I’d suggest buying food produced in the east or southern hemisphere when possible. For those on the west probably the best solution would be to grow your own food in a greenhouse environment with soil that has been scraped from a depth of at least 4″ below the topsoil. I know it’s not possible to grow all your food, but at least this will reduce some of the radiation in food products being consumed. If that’s not possible, then try not to purchase products made in California: milk, dairy, vegetable, fruit, and poultry; due to potential contaminates; try more locally grown.

For all persons in the US I’d suggest abstaining from ingesting any sea food from the Pacific Ocean, this is probably one of the worst sources of radiation you can expose yourself too. There are massive fish die-offs and many animal mutations. Eat fish from the Atlantic if you have to eat sea food.

For those on the West it’s possible that your drinking water has radioactive particles. I suggest using a Reverse Osmosis system, which may be effective in removing “most” of the radiation particles or drinking water drawn from below the ground.

For those in coastal cities, I’d also recommend taking iodine. This will ultimately prevent your thyroid from long-term damage.

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