By Lisa Haven

At the Countering Violent Extremists summit at the White house the Obama administration invited everyone to be gathered together for a “muslim prayer” which was recited the second day of the event. This was the only religious group invited and all others were kicked to the curb.

In the opening prayer Imam Sheikh Sa-ad Musse Roble not only recited verse from the Quran but also made some stunning remarks. In addition two people with ties to radical Isalm were invited to this “Counter Extermists Event”…the Irony!!!

Here is the breaking report…


Here is the prayer in full…


Did you know that there is an Islamic prophecy that predicts that the ‘sun will rise in the West.’ Here is what it says in the Hadith…

” The day of the hour will not come until the sun rises from the West, if it rises and the people see it they will all believe…” [Abu Bukhari, Muslim]

What I want you to note in this statement is “until the sun rises from the West.” Technically the sun can not rise in the West, because it rises in the East. As a result many Islamic scholars believe that an Islamic leader will rise from the West and bring many to their faith. In other words a Western Leader will pave the way for Islam to be received and accepted by many.

Oddly, the very symbol of our President is a ‘sun rising in the West.’ Coincidence? I think not, if anything I believe Obama knew the prophecy and thus, made his ‘icon’ around it.


Perry Stone in his book, “Nightmare Along Pennsylvania Avenue,” pointed out that the Islamic prediction of the sun rising in the West, along with his research, indicated the possibility that this seal was a cryptic message to the Islamic world that they had a new friend rising in the West—thus fulfilling many expectations in Islamic eschatology.(see pages 19-26 )

Obama may claim by voice that he is a Christian, but any real Christian knows that is far from the truth. He may say with his mouth he knows God, but his actions scream Muslim.

In addition to all this a dear friend of mine took a mission trip to the Azerbaijan area. She talked with many of the locals there and surprisingly all the locals loved Obama. Why? And I’m quoting, “He’s a Muslim, he’s Good!” with a big fat thumbs up. Its heartbreaking to know that people overseas understand that he is of the Muslim faith, yet some here in American can’t even see it.


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