“It is the opinion of the editor (and most of the contributors to this paper) that when nonlethal weapons are ready for wide-scale application, this will signal a development as significant in magnitude as the emergence of gunpowder based firearms during the European Renaissance.” (Page x)


These are the opening words of the recently declassified document titled, Institute For National Security Studies (INSS); Nonlethal Weapons: Terms and References. The document was originally written July 1997 but was not released to the public until April 12, 2015 via the Freedom of Information Act as requested by John Greenewald at The purpose of this government linked document is to promote an understanding of and research into a new category of nonlethal weapons designed to be used by both military and law enforcement personnel on civilian and non-civilian persons:


“The most important near-term application of nonlethal technology appears to be in areas such as:operations in “failed states,”as a counter to the non- Western form of warfare that is emerging globally, as a defense against the specter of further terrorist assaults upon our homeland, and as a means of responding to civil unrest in many of our inner cities.” (Page xi


Non-lethal, or less-lethal weapons, include everything from compliance, to mind-control, to severe pain-inducing, to holographic, to crowd control, to biological weapons and more. Considering we are on the brink of disaster —economic crisis, war, civil war, and ISIS, to name a few—and the fact that there is an uptick in military activities in our cities (Jade Helm); it’s likely we’ll witness the use of such weaponry on a much, much grander scale.

This is why I believe it is imperative to know the information contained in the video below, because we could very well witness them in our generation…



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Nonlethal Weapons Included: 

Acoustics, Acoustics & Opticals, Anti-lethals, Anti-plant Agents, Barriers, Batons, Bio-technicals, Electrical’s, Electromagnetic’s, Entanglers, Holograms, Markers, Obscurants, Opticals, Projectiles, Reactants, Riot Control Agents. (page vii)


Here is a “taste” of the few of the types of non-lethal weapons listed in the document:  


Acoustic, Curdler Unit: 

“A device which is plugged into an HPS-1 sound system to produce a shrill shrieking, blatting noise. It is used to irritate and disperse  rioters and had a decibel range just below that of the danger level to the human ear. It is used in night operations to produce a “voodoo” effect and effectively breaks up chanting, singing and clapping.” (Page 2)

Acoustic, Infrasound: 

“Very low-frequency sound which can travel long distances and easily penetrate most buildings and vehicles. Transmission of long wavelength sound creates biophysical effects; nausea, loss of bowels, disorientation, vomiting, potential internal organ damage or death may occur. Superior to ultrasound because it is “in band” meaning that its does not lose its properties when it changes mediums such as from air to tissue. By 1972 an infrasound generator had been built in France which generated waves at 7 hertz. When activated it made the people in range sick for hours.” (Page 3)

Antilethal, Food Bomb:

“Humanitarian use of nonlethal weapons. Place concentrated food pellets rather than anti-personnel bomblets in a cluster bomb unit. For use in cities under siege on the verge of starvation [609].” (Page  5)

Antilethal, Sensor-Facial Recognition Technology:

“Experimental information systems which recognize human facial features and compare them to databases of wanted suspects. Great potential for apprehending terrorists in airport terminals and criminals in large crowds. More advanced subdermal systems will be required as a follow-on to these systems as a counter to criminals/non-state soldiers who surgically alter their facial features [642].” (Page 5)

Biotechnical, Disease Organisms: 

“Nonfatal diseases targeted toward troops and civilians. Such viral agents were developed by Iraq to be used against Western forces during the Gulf War so as to create long term disabling injuries. Agents being considered for use were those that cause hemorrhagic conjunctivitis, chronic diarrhea, yellow fever and Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever [627].” (Page 10)


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