By now you have been informed about the numerous Walmart closing across the country. All sorts of speculations have risen including theories that they have been turned into FEMA camps, that they are closing due to Jade Helm, and many other reasons that can be found on the internet. But what is really going on at these Walmart stores? Does anyone have inside information? We’ll if truth be told we won’t know for certain until the time comes, but in the meantime Pete Santilli has stumbled across some pretty impressive information that just might close the gap.


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Pete Santilli & Dani Mcpherson cover the news regarding the mysterious and sudden closure of 5 major Walmart Super Centers. In addition to the numerous reports in the mainstream and independent media, Pete adds some additional interesting information regarding WalMart’s relationship with the Department of Homeland Security dating back to Hurricane Katrina.

In this video Pete displays a picture of WalMart’s “EOC” (Emergency Operations Center), and comments about the EOC looking more like an NSA command center.

Pete’s family member (brother) worked directly for Walmart Corporate headquarters in Bentonville Arkansas, and informed Pete about WalMart’s relationship with the DHS. During Hurricane Katrina, the DHS coordinated heavily with Walmart since they have the resources to distribute disaster relief supplies. Since then, Walmart has also worked directly with the DHS by installing pinhole facial recognition cameras in their stores, scanning customers, and uploading/sharing the data with the Federal government.


Here is the video by Pete Santilli Show


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The question that needs to be addressed is why are all these stores closing? Do they know of an economic crisis that is soon underway as Pete Santilli suggests it might be? Or does it have anything to do with the facial recognition systems they are putting in the stores to surveillance the customers? Or maybe it’s really nothing more than closures due to Walmart going down the tubes. I guess the ultimate decisions is yours.


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