By Lisa Haven

In a shocking turn of events the infamous hacktivist group known as Anonymous has just published a Pastebin file containing the personal information and passwords of those who attended the Paris Climate Summit on Friday, December 4th. The reason given by Anonymous for the hack was because they were protesting the arrests of 208 peaceful protesters who marched against the climate related policies in France. The news site HackRead, managed to obtain an exclusive conversation with one of the Anonymous members and here is what they were told:

“We will continue fight for every kind rights of Humans, Greens and Animals. We know they uses victims of ParisAttacks to restrict people rights, we know they don’t care climate changes what they caused that.

“We could deface the site, but that won’t hurt them, we know data leak will and does so there’s more to come. These hacks are not just against Police brutality, these are also against Cop21 to support Global Climate March.”

I say, it’s about darn time someone turns the tables on theses creeps! Here is the breaking report….

Leaked Documents were found HERE

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