By Lisa Haven

Things are heating up this week as world dictators and financial leaders gather in secret meetings all across America to discuss the fate of our global economy. From Federal Reserve leaders, to Obama, to Joe Biden, to Janet Yellen, to many others.  Here’s just a piece of the financial events that are taking place this week alone:

1- The Federal Reserve Board of Governors held a “special meeting” Monday April 11th, a closed door session.

2- After the Fed’s meeting on Monday, April 11th Obama and Biden met with Federal Chair Janet Yellen.

3- The Feds posted yet another announcement for two additionally closed door meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday to discuss “bank supervision, financial Markets, Institutions, and Infrastructure).

4- On April 12-April 15th, Washington DC is holding a G-20 meeting about financial workings.

In other words just about every major banker in the world is meeting in Washington, D.C. this week, following three rushed meetings by the Federal Reserve, and a meeting between three power heads Obama, Biden and Janet Yellen. These historic events are causing a tidal-wave of concern to top economic analysis and rightly so! Here’s more on this breaking report…

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