By Lisa Haven

As most of you are now aware, there was a Coup attempt in Turkey aimed at ousting the government, however, the attempts have failed and President Erdogan has proclaimed that the coup was a “gift from God” because it would, “cleanse the army.” In other words, the coup was a “blessing in disguise” because it eliminated all opposition that stood in his way.

It included the mass round-up of around 6,000 persons including judges, prosecutors, military men, and three top generals. Additionally, an ISIS style brutal killing of 265 persons and the wounding of 1,400 others.

Erdogan is widely known for the mass censorship of social media and the undemocratic practice of arresting, jailing and prosecuting journalists who stand in his way.

Considering the above, one can’t help but ask the question who truly is to blame for the failed coup that happened in Turkey? Is it Erdogan himself?

Before we make that accusation we must also consider this, Turkey is a NATO  allied member state. Meaning that any military force against his country should have hastened NATO to act, but instead they stood idly by. But does that necessarily mean NATO was to blame?

Or consider this, the “alleged” accuser of the coup attempt in Turkey was Fethullah Gulen, though he denies his involvement, is now residing in Pennsylvania and the United States does nothing, however their is now talk of the U.S. sending him back to his country after rumored threats to take hostage the U.S. military base in Turkey have surfaced.

But that’s not all, let’s not forget the fact that just before the coup, President Erdogan apologized to Russia about a downed jet and just after the coup, both President Erdogan and Putin were caught having phone conversations.

So who really is to blame? The video delves into all that and more…

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