Daily Photo by Gary Cosby Jr. The powerful EF 5 tornado left many twisted, distorted and broken things in its path. The storm broke power poles all along Bridgeforth Rd. in southern Limestone County. Someone since stuck a tattered and dirty American flag on top of the remains of one of the poles.

(Note- Daily Photo by Gary Cosby Jr.) 

By Lisa Haven

There are lines to be drawn. There is a difference between real-extremism, that needs to be combated, and falsified-extremism that targets individual sovereignty. I truly believe that many in the U.S. government have crossed the line and are unnecessarily targeting individuals based solely on their political and religious views, rather than on the true enemy, which is legit extremism, be it domestic or not. The fact of the matter is the more I delve into these “government studies and reports,” the more I discover that there is no “true” line being drawn to distinguish “friend from foe” but rather a blurred line that could make almost anyone a target who is against their regime. That is the main problem we are facing here in America.

For example, a government linked survey titled, Law Enforcement Assessment of the Violent Extremism Threat states:

“Law enforcement agencies in the United States consider anti-government violent extremists, not radicalized Muslims, to be the most severe threat of political violence that they face.”

Here they openly portray that just because someone has “anti-government” views that they are more likely to cause violent acts then radical Muslims. The truth is however, when the survey was conducted they lumped in all criminal nut jobs who said they “hate the government”… well if truth be told 80% of us don’t trust the government, so how could one not proceed the other based off that standard. So their claim that “homegrown terrorism” is a “bigger threat” is illegitimate. Instead, it should be lumped into crime statistics.

Furthermore, John Carline, the Justice Departments chief of national security told Reuters that extremists groups motivated by “U.S. born philosophies” present a clear and present danger and that there seems to be a heightened environment for such cases.

Once you consider that “U.S. born philosophies” excludes Islamic extremism, which has nothing to do with our U.S. philosophies, then the only other assumption is those of patriot views. People who believe in the freedoms we have in America, people like our Founding Fathers.

The line between “friend and foe” is smudged and a “new error” is being birthed, and quite frankly, it won’t be one to your liking.

In the video below I delve into all that and more….

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