By Lisa Haven

On July 1st President Barack Obama signed his latest Executive Order which prepares the U.S. for mass civilian casualties via pre and post strikes domestically and from foreigners. The interesting part is this was signed just days before the Black Lives Matter riots and protests ignited in intensity across the country. From Dallas, to Baton Rouge, to Las Vegas, to Phoenix, to Minnesota, to Inglewood, to the death of cops, the arrest of hundreds of protestors, and more. Truly, the U.S. government must have known something we did not, otherwise the signing of this EO couldn’t have come at a better time. A time when chaos seems to be increasing in our borders and mass casualties could strike our doorsteps.

One thing I can’t help but ask with the implementation of this new EO, is do they know something we do not? Do they have plans to ignite a race war or civil war that kills thousands leading to the ultimate Orwellian police state?

The truth is there are “race wars” being initiated by globalists hell bent on implementing their plan of global governance (New World Order). George Soros, for example, has funded many protests and incited violence across multiple countries. However now, he has turned his focus onto the good old fashioned USA by funding organizations like the Black Lives Matter Movement, who has been stirring up tension with cops under the banner of equality.

For years I have studied the globalists agenda and from what I see happening today, everything is playing right into their hands. They want us to pin ethnic group against ethnic group and have everyday citizens turn on their local cops; they want us to have civil riots…but we must not give in, we must not take our eyes off the real enemy, and that is, the corrupt globalists themselves….

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