By Lisa Haven

Every day more news is surfacing about our two political candidates who are running for office. Most recently it was revealed on Alex Jones’ Infowars via presidential secret service agents that the democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, is needing a little more health aid then most candidates. They claim she needs continuous aid up stairs, she has numerous seizers, and that they have spent half a million on her health needs. Many of those in the secret service believe it might be Parkinson disease—a chronic, degenerative neurological disorder.

What we do know is that in December 2012, Mrs. Clinton took six months to recover from a serious concussion after falling, and it’s possible this could have caused major brain damage. If this is not Parkinson’s, then maybe her strange, brain-dead behaviors can be attributed to the fall.

Either way, these are serious issues facing our democratic presidential nominee and we could be looking at a ‘wild card’ play from President Obama. If she is deemed unfit to lead, then the election will be suspended for a time, and Obama will be left in the oval office until another ‘candidate’ is chosen by the democratic party.

But then again, Hillary just might have her way and proceed with the election as intended.

On the other side of the fence, the democratic party has come out with their own attack campaign against Trump and it has now surfaced that Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, has been receiving millions in cash from a Ukrainian pro-Russian group. While Manafort denies these accusations tensions are rising in the Republican Party.

Personally, one must ask the question was Paul Manafort a plant in Trump’s campaign to begin with?  Or was it all a setup to frame Manafort by the democratic side? One must also remember that the mainstream media has been continuously painting Russia in a negative light by blaming all the hacked emails on the Russians. Are they attempting to ignite a war and claim the Trump campaign is a part of it? I wouldn’t put it past them if they did! After all the globalists hate Donald Trump, who I believe is a real patriot.

To clear things up, I’ve interviewed Larry Nichols, former Clinton Advisor and expert on all things Clinton. Here’s the CRUCIAL interview…

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