By Lisa Haven

“Secretary Kerry and other State Department officials remain deeply engaged in a variety of multilateral efforts… and we’re going to continue to discuss with those partners a wide range of options including the potential of using some of the financial sanctions tools that, in the context of Ukraine, have imposed some economic costs on Russia,” Josh Earnest at a Press Briefing on Friday, when asked about Sanctions for Russia.

In response to Josh Earnest’s remarks, Russia’s Ryabkov told RIA Novosti (Russian News source), “In case of the extension of US sanctions lists amid mostly senseless and unreasonable reasons – we will find a way to respond so that the balance will change, and it is not going to be for the US benefit….It seems like no other issues worry the US administration, except for the goal to fully destroy relations with Russia, so that many years would be needed then to restore them.”

According to Russian News the goal of the American government is to “destroy relations with Russia.” These are harsh words considering we are already at a boiling point with this nuclear powerhead and if truth be told we are but seconds away from utter disaster.

As a result Putin issued a few press releases of his own. Including an ominous warning message to American citizens. All that and more in the video below…

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