By Lisa Haven

Do you ever feel like a bunch of cattle being herded one way or another? One politician drags you in one direction with certain enticements, while the mainstream media dangles a bit of alfalfa in front of your lips leading you in another. All the while it’s a part of their schemed plan to fatten you up and ship you to the slaughter house.

Well, this is exactly what the United Nations is doing to people all across the globe and it must be stopped. In the video below Debbie Bacigalupi and I discuss the ultimate UN Agenda. Everything from monitoring cow farts, to keeping tabs on your every step is on the table. I believe you’ll find what she has to say absolutely essential to survival in the very near future.

But if what Debbie and I discussed wasn’t enough, consider this. Two resolutions have surfaced that promote a chilling likeness to the story of the cow. Resolution 69/202, an initiative that pushes the idea of a “global human order,” which sounds a lot like herding human cattle, and Resolution 69/292 an initiative that seizes control over our oceans.

In Resolution 69/202 they push the socialist agenda all while forcing the idea of a global human order and its compliance.

Here are just a few quotes from the resolution:

Their admitted goal:

“The role of the United Nations in promoting a new global human order”

“Noting the successes and challenges in recent years in promoting a new global human order at national and international levels,”

Their Socialist Agenda:

“Deeply concerned about persistent and considerable disparities between rich and poor, both within and among countries, and about the adverse implications of these disparities for the promotion of human well-being and development throughout the world,

Their data collection agenda:

“Recognizing the need to strengthen national capacities for robust data collection and effective data utilization in support of policy formulation, implementation and monitoring”

Their idea of secondary education and health care for all run by government organizations. (Nothing the government does turns out good, our colleges, our healthcare, would go to the crapper! This is STRAIGHT up socialism, which eventually leads to communism—government control of everything):

“Stresses the critical need for the expansion of and access to education and training, and encourages programmes to promote universal access to secondary education and to expand access to quality higher education, which is relevant to the needs of the labour market, in accordance with each country’s specific realities and development challenges”

“Invites Member States to adopt a multisectoral approach and to work on determinants of health within sectors including, as appropriate, through the healthin-all-policies approach, while taking into consideration the social, environmental and economic determinants of health, with a view to reducing health inequities and enabling sustainable development, and stresses the urgent need to act on social determinants for the final push towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals”

In Resolution 69/292 the United Nations launched an initiative to seize control over our oceans and according to a Fox News report, they want 2/3 of them. The report states:

“Development of an international legally binding instrument under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea on the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction.”

That is straight up giving our sovereignty over to a bunch of elected bureaucrats and now is the time to make our voices heard!