By Lisa Haven   

Game2 Winter, that is the name of a real life reality TV show that will be airing this July that is eerily similar to the Hunger Games movie.

The reality show encourages their members to fight, rape, and even murder each other during their 9-month survival in the -40C freezing wilderness of Siberia—a place known for its infestation of bears and wolves. If one can survive all 9 months without pushing their “panic” button, then they will be rewarded with a little over a million dollars, split between those who survive.

The creator a Russian millionaire, Yevgeny Pyatokovsky, age 35, is the “brains” behind this savage, controversial contest.

In the video below I cover in detail, some of the things these 30 participants will be expected to do and why this “HUNGER GAME” is being pushed…

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