By Lisa Haven

NASA Scientists are now warning that we are in another solar minimum and that during such an event, solar flares and sunspots subside, however, that doesn’t mean the sun becomes dull, it simply means the “solar activity” changes form. It is during this time that we will see the development of long-lived Coronal holes (vast regions of the solar atmosphere where the sun’s magnetic field opens up and allows streams of solar particles to escape the sun as the fast solar wind). Which can cause longer outages and disruptions on Earth. Including interferences to communication and navigation.

If the earth was hit by an X-class flare, we could be sent back to the dark ages. Our technological advancements would malfunction, factories, pipelines, sewage plants, water delivery, and the economy would collapse and shut down. NASA scientists claim it’s not a question of if but when. Here is the breaking report….

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