By Lisa Haven

On July 14, Google’s bio-lab began releasing 20 million bacteria-filled fertility destroying mosquitoes in Fresno, California. The project, dubbed Debug Fresno, was led by Verily Life Sciences, an offshoot of Googles Parent company Alphabet, in order to “calm-down” the mosquito population. Problem is, not a single citizen was asked whether or not they wanted those lab-created creatures in their skies, nor was any study conducted on the repercussions they could have on the human race. Yet, they pursued the release of these creatures, not the population.

Could this be part of the depopulation agenda? And what harms may come of releasing such critters? Not only will Ronnie McMullen, Radio Show Host and CEO of Life Change Tea, and I discuss this vile experiment but also how we are already at WAR. Please don’t miss this powerful report…


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