By Lisa Haven

Is the government finally going to admit that UFO and aliens do exist, something that millions of people across the globe have suspected, or are they going to continue to push it under a rug and play the game of “hide and seek” with the public?

Truth is, it doesn’t matter anymore because a group of former U.S. government top officials, via an organization callings itself “To The Stars Academy of the Arts and Science” are planning on “letting the cat out of the bag” and informing the America public of the “secret, shadow, mysterious dealings” that were done behind closed doors.

Tom DeLonge, the co-founder and President of the group, who has prior dealings with NASA officials and the DOD, is planning on engaging and entertaining the private sector with the truth about what the governments been hiding. All that and more in this HUGE, BREAKING report…

Here’s is their official launch video…

Here’s the



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