By Lisa Haven

On Monday, November 20th, North Korea issued a veiled threat of a nuclear strike on Japan, vowing to make the country “disappear at once” if Tokyo continues with what Pyongyang termed “war hysteria.” It has also has threatened to do the same to the United States of America.

Truth is, North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un has been teetering on that promise for quite some time and now, the White House is beginning to take note.

Recently President Trump was warned that North Korea has been in the process of mapping plans for a devastating attack on the US with an atmospheric nuclear explosion that would disable the nation’s electric grid, potentially leading to the deaths of virtually all impacted.

In the latest call for action from experts and military officials, President Trump has been urged to create a special commission to tackle the potential for an electromagnetic pulse attack, one similar to the iconic Manhattan Project. All that and more in this report…

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