By Lisa Haven  

Put yourself in the presidents shoes. He saw the border crisis mounting, he warned Congress years ago, and they did nothing to stop it. Now, he has to do something.

Months ago, the administration alerted lawmakers that the number of people entering the country illegally and making unqualified asylum claims was skyrocketing. The only options were to stop them from crossing or let them in and release them while their bogus claims were being processed. The latter option, Congress was warned, could add another one million to the illegal population before the year was out.

This is, by any reasonable definition, a crisis.

In the video below, I reveal that US Customs and Border Protection are sounding the alarm. Stating that over the past 7 days, 4,500+ illegal immigrants are being arrested on a daily basis. In other words our Souther border is spiraling out of control! The time for Trump to act is Now! All that and more below… 


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