By Lisa Haven

In America we often view ourselves as the most powerful nation on earth, but are we? Just because we used to be doesn’t mean will will maintain that power for eternity. If truth be told we are literally heading down a path of pure destruction financially and we are witnessing our once powerful nation crumble as the Roman Empire once had. Every year, hundreds of billions of U.S. dollars goes straight to the pockets of Communist China and such massive amounts of wealth transfer is having significant impacts here in America.

Our former major manufacturing cities, like Detroit, are rotting away in shambles while skyscrapers are being resurrected all across China; not to mention the hundreds of thousands of products on our shelves with the stamp “Made in China” written all over them. Today, we buy far more from China then they do from us, which means China is literally swimming in US dollars giving them leverage over the US.

So what do they plan on doing with all this wealth? Could they be gearing up to make their renminbi the world currency? Could they be planning to take the world by surprise and do something major? The video below reveals all this and more…

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