By Lisa Haven


“Don’t ask us about our meeting with corporate lobbyists!” That was the message given to the 11Alive Investigators at a resort hotel in Savannah, Georgia where they tracked down state legislators having secret meetings behind closed doors.

The meetings were part of the Spring Task Force Summit of the American Legislative Exchange Council, also known as ALEC.

According to their website ALEC:

“…is America’s largest nonpartisan, voluntary membership organization of state legislators. Comprised of nearly one-quarter of the country’s state legislators, business and thought leaders, think tank scholars and individuals, ALEC provides a unique forum for diverse groups to exchange ideas and develop real, state-based solutions that encourage growth, preserve economic security and protect hardworking taxpayers.”

They claim to be a place that not only represents communities but also a place of transparency. However, they were anything but transparent at this confidential meeting that no media was allowed to attend.

When 11Alive reporters arrived to record the meeting police officers attempted to force them out of the building…

Why is it that elite legislators and corporate lobbyists feel the need to meet behind closed door just like the Bilderbers? What laws, money deals, or plans were they discussing that were so important? Could this have anything to do with where we are headed as a nation in the near future?


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