By Lisa Haven

If you are a freedom loving patriot who values American principles then you are likely already aware of the massive amount of censorship happening on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google, and other globalists linked organizations that target individuals who bring attention to their continuous, creepy corruption.

Considering we are in the 2016 election year, censorship has ignited and been set ablaze all across the world wide web. Alternative media news outlets are having to work double, with less pay, in order to get the truth out, while progressive news websites are being springboard to the tops of search engines.

Well I’ve Had ENOUGH! It’s about dang time we expose the corruption of theses fakes and at least have a fair fighting chance to win the affection of the sleeping public who are continually being censored from truth.

In the video, I prove with 100% undeniable evidence, the globalists are censoring one candidate over the other as well as targeting patriots such as myself, in the process.

If there ever was a video that need to go viral, it would be this one! Please forward this message to everyone you know… Otherwise we could be looking at the rise of the ‘globalists pick’ for Oval Office…

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