By Lisa Haven

Have you ever gone to the doctor after a series of blood tests and been told that your cholesterol levels are too high, and that you need to immediately be prescribed pharmaceutical drugs in order to prevent a heart attack, high blood pressure, or even death? Considering 33% of people in America have what doctors claim to be “high cholesterol,” then chances are you or someone you know has been “diagnosed” with this “condition”.

Problem is this “condition” is one big fat monumental myth that massively benefits big pharmaceutical companies who are set to make over $29 billion dollars a year on selling you statin drugs.

What they refuse to tell you about cholesterol is that the “high-range” is exuberantly exaggerated, and that their are ample amounts of studies that prove it.

In the video below I interview CEO of Life Change Tea, Ronnie McMullen, to discuss the truth behind this monstrous lie….

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